19 Apr 2019

The Future of Business Computing with Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

DaaS is a type of cloud virtual

19 Apr 2019

DaaS is a type of cloud virtual desktop infrastructure that is handled by a third-party provider such as Amazon, Citrix, or VMware. All maintenance of the cloud desktop infrastructure is handled by the third-party, making it easy for businesses to deploy desktops in the cloud without hassle. Typically, DaaS providers use a subscription model based on the number of monthly users, so businesses only pay for the services they need.

Reduced hardware costs

DaaS significantly reduces hardware costs businesses are required to shell out to keep their operations running. Businesses can reuse existing hardware to access cloud-based desktops rather than purchasing new equipment year after year. According to IDC research, DaaS reduces computer hardware expenditure by approximately 56% annually.

Enhanced security

Security of the virtual desktops is handled by the provider so business owners can rest assured that their systems are safe and secure.  Data is safely stored in a data center, and not on individual devices which can be vulnerable to attacks.

Greater flexibility

Virtual desktops can be accessed from virtually anywhere, giving employees greater flexibility to get work done on the go or out in the field. Never worry again about where your files are stored, because everything is safely tucked away in the cloud and accessible at any time.

Decreased Maintenance

Virtual desktops are managed by the third-party provider, making costly and time-consuming maintenance a thing of the past. No more wasting time and money maintaining desktop applications and user profiles in-house.

Ask Us Today about DaaS for your Business

Why continue spending astronomical amounts of money on new computer hardware every year when the future of business computing is here and more affordable than ever. Ask us today how DaaS can make your business more efficient while saving you money year over year. WowLinx is unrivaled in installing and maintaining DaaS infrastructure in business settings.

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