03 May 2019

Top 6 Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

What is VoIP? VoIP or Voice over

03 May 2019

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over IP is a newer type of phone system that relies on the internet to route calls instead of traditional telephone cables. Instead of using separate cables for internet and telephone, VoIP simply relies on existing LAN networks to make and receive calls just like any traditional phone system.

Easy Installation

VoIP phone systems require much less upfront setup compared to traditional phone systems since they rely on a business’s pre-existing LAN network. Clunky, outdated phone systems and rewiring are not required.

Cheaper Ongoing Costs

Researchers estimate that the average company saves 40% on hosted VoIP compared to analog systems. Businesses with a high number of international calls can save 90% verses traditional phone systems.

Flexible and Scalable

Management of VoIP phone systems is much easier than traditional phone systems. Adding, reassigning, and removing lines is a done through easy to use software, not complicated rewiring

Convenient for Business

Field workers who need to make and receive calls can do so outside the office. Calls can be diverted to anywhere in the world using cloud hosted VoIP services. Employees can access their voicemail through email. Traditional business call features you expect like call holding, transferring, conferencing, and auto attendant menus are all supported by VoIP systems.

Decrease Outages and Downtime

Never have to worry again about losing productivity and profit due to phone lines being down. VoIP runs off your existing wired LAN network, so if your internet connection works, so do your phones.

Future Proof your Business

VoIP phone systems are here to stay. Don’t run the risk of letting your business get left behind using outdated, expensive, and inefficient analog phone systems

Join the VoIP Revolution

WowLinx is an expert in installing and maintaining VoIP phone systems in a business setting. Stop throwing money away into outdated phone systems and Join the VoIP revolution. Contact us today and see how VoIP can save money and boost productivity within your business.

*Sources courtesy of https://tech.co and https://bebusinessed.com

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